Saturday, June 08, 2013

I Was A Scale-E Brat - Remembering The Good Old Days :)

My Father is a retired serviceman having completed his full years service within the RAF.  I was a 'Scaley Brat' (Scale-E brat). For those of you who are not familiar with the name, the children of RAF personnel were known as Scale-E Brats because Scale-E was the pay scale reached once a serving member had children. It served as a form of identity. There was always a unique bond between a number of Scale-E Brats, however the SCALE-E band was eventually phased out. :)

I lead a very privileged life being a Scale-E Brat because I was able to live abroad when my Father had his postings. I travelled around with him quite often and I met a lot of lovely folk along the way. :)  

I moved around so often as a child I didn't develop a strong dialect from any area in the UK. Quite often folk think I went to a private school and I had a very privileged background in the terms of wealth, however I had a normal middle class upbringing. I did not attend any private schooling and we were not considered terribly wealthy back in those days. It amazes me how some people assume you have a certain type of a background just by the way you talk sometimes. :)

I am proud to be a Brit...that's all you need to know. I am also proud to be a Scale E Brat. :)
I think most forces children are very friendly because many of us moved around so often and we had to make new friends all of the time. It was a good way of life but I wished we had Facebook when I was a young girl as I could have kept in touch with all of the folk I seemed to keep leaving behind. :)
Remembering the good old days. :)
SmileyRose x

"We'll Meet Again" by Dame Vera Lynn :) 

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