Monday, July 04, 2016

I Am An Independant Woman!

Someone was wondering, so this is just for the record! 😊

I am an independent woman. I am actually divorced and I have been divorced for 10 years now. I am NOT subsidized by anyone else, not even an ex husband. I do not have young children living at home/with me. My family are all adults. ☺

I moved out of my family home, after my divorce and I began afresh. My current home is indeed my own. I pay for all of my own bills. I have NOT remarried therefore all of my bills are not shared, unlike some of my married/seperated friends/or friends living with their partners.

I do not have any immediate plans to walk down the aisle with anyone again, not in the near future. I enjoy male companionship, therefore of course I like to date guys. Until such a time when my circumstances change, I am indeed very happy to remain single. I will endeavour to let you all know if anything changes.

I am NOT envious of any of my friends, why should I be. Our circumstances are different. Many of my friends have two wages going into their family home. I live a single lifestyle....and I am happy. 😁

The reason why I had to say something is because someone assumed that I still lived in the family home I once shared with my ex husband and that he still subsidized me. They assumed that we were only seperated!!!!

I am an independant woman....therefore stop jumping to conclusions. I can date and sleep with anyone I choose...because I am free to do so, without me feeling like i am cheating on anyone!

I am not desperate!!! I do not have any baggage!!!!

SmileyRoseFrances x

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