Saturday, January 14, 2017

Anglo-Indians :)

Here's a link that tells you a little about Anglo-Indians. It is very interesting.
Anglo-Indians usually have English roots. Depending on where they are brought up, it usually tells you which culture, language and religion they perceive themselves to be/have been brought up in. Those who are brought up in India, would usually be able to speak another language, depending how they are brought up by their parents.

My grandmother was named Dorothy Agnes Shreeves. She went to reside in India, from the UK, during the British Raj, with her parents. Most Anglo Indians are born with English/European names.

When my grand mother returned to England, it was natural that the rest of the family came back to live here too. Hence the reason my mum and dad returned with me as a babe in arms. I Was born in India. My Grandmother and Grandfather lived in an Anglo-Indian community, in India. The community were Christians who all spoke English. There were a number of British living in India during the British Raj.

My family and I have always worn westernised clothing, even when they lived in is also the reason why I love shopping at M&S, John Lewis and Laura Ashley.


Ps Yes! My name is Frances.The same name as the american character in the sitcom Frances/Gidget back in th 60's and 70's which starred the wonderful actress Sally Field. :)

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