Wednesday, July 12, 2017

More Breaking News- GP's To Take Part In A Ballot

Some More Breaking news - GP's are to take part in a ballot later on this year. They are considering stopping the registration of all new patients. About 23,000  GP' s in England are to take part in the ballot. It could see them collectively suspending all new registrations. People moving area/home could be left without a GP.
If all in favour, a second ballot will take place and it will determine if closures will go ahead.

These drastic measures are said to be necessary to defend patient
Safety, morale and health. The increase arose after mounting pressure on the GP Surgeries  re mounting workloads and patients requiring double slots for their appointments, if they do not speak the English language, because they need to allow the extra time for interpreters etc.

In the mean time, GP's in Northern Ireland are carrying out a ballot over whether or not to resign from the NHS and consider charging for appointments.

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